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French for Travel

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  • 100 US dollars
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Service Description

French for travel is an intensive and interactive tutoring program designed to prepare elementary, middle school, high school, and adult learners for their vacation to French-speaking countries. Lorie Shetter will guide clients through a comprehensive curriculum, focusing on essential French language skills necessary for traveling, such as ordering food, asking for directions, and checking into hotels. Whether clients have little to no prior knowledge of French or need to refresh their language skills, this boot camp will equip them with the confidence and proficiency to communicate effectively during their travels. Class Objectives: Cultural Awareness: Introduce clients to cultural nuances and etiquette of French-speaking countries to facilitate better understanding and appreciation of local customs. Practical Vocabulary: Focus on travel-specific vocabulary and phrases related to ordering food, transportation, accommodations, shopping, and other essential situations encountered while traveling. Conversational Practice: Engage clients in conversational practice to reinforce language skills and build fluency through real-life scenarios and role-playing exercises. Listening and Speaking: Enhance listening and speaking abilities through interactive activities, dialogues, and audio materials. Reading and Comprehension: Develop reading skills by exposing clients to travel-related texts, signs, and menus, enhancing their ability to comprehend and respond appropriately. Writing Skills (Optional): Offer optional writing exercises for clients seeking to improve their ability to compose simple messages and emails in French. Confidence Building: Cultivate the confidence of clients by encouraging them to engage actively in the learning process and providing constructive feedback on their progress. Customization: Tailor the boot camp to cater to the unique needs and proficiency levels of each client, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience. Class Structure: The French Travel Language Boot Camp will be conducted in small groups or individual sessions, allowing for personalized attention and maximum participation. The program may span several weeks, with flexible scheduling options to accommodate clients' availability. Classes will be conducted online, utilizing virtual classrooms and interactive multimedia resources to create an immersive learning environment. Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of French is required,

Contact Details

Spring Creek Trail, Niwot, Colorado, USA

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