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The Doering School is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every student through holistic enrichment and support. We strive to provide personalized education by matching each student with a tutor who fosters their individual growth and development. Our mission is to create an inclusive learning environment that empowers students to excel academically, cultivate their passions, and become well-rounded individuals poised for success.


May Congdon

"May tutored my son Gage in chemistry and math during his middle school years. She brought evident passion and subject expertise, strong communication skills, and an openness to my son’s unique needs. As they worked through challenging topics, May was able to make complex concepts such as chemical equations easy to grasp, assisting my son to build confidence and independence in problem-solving. I highly recommend May as a tutor."

Lilly Halboth

"Lilly has an AMAZING gift to coach English writing. I have worked with Lilly in multiple capacities over the years. She has worked at my tutoring agency as a tutor, worked with my own children to help prepare their personal statements for their college applications, and helped me with my own resume and interview preparation. Her advanced degree in Rhetoric & Composition, combined with her master’s in education makes her a powerful resource. She not only has a strong command of English, but she has a gift and the right background to teach it effectively as well.

Lilly not only works well with students, but she works well with parents as well. She is a great ally to parents with children struggling in English. Lilly quickly hones in on issues that the student is presenting, and she quickly provides parents with a path toward a solution. She communicates well and openly with the students and their parents. She is patient, she is kind, she is encouraging, yet firm and disciplined.

Lilly really is a gem, I recommend her wholeheartedly, and I continue to look for opportunities to work with her in the future."

Becky Myers

"Becky Myers is among the most inspiring, hardworking, and caring people I know. She has supported me in and out of the classroom and continues to be a pillar of support even years after I was one of her students. I first met Becky during my first year of high school in her Honors English class. Immediately, I was struck by her wit, enthusiasm, and deep passion for learning and personal growth. Simply put, Becky cares. She cares about her students, and she cares about their learning. Many of my past teachers have only focused on the “end result” of their teaching: students’ grades, assignment completion, and attendance. While Becky does care about these things, she takes it a step further and focuses on students’ understanding of the material. For example, she has spent countless hours outside of class making detailed comments on students’ papers and assignments. Her feedback is invaluable as she makes incredibly insightful comments tailored to each student’s learning style to assist them in the writing and analysis process."
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